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MGA Foundation Donates to Potter’s Village

As part of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and philanthropic endeavors, MGA Foundation & Partners, on the 16th of December 2023, visited Potter’s Village Ghana at Dodowa in the Shai-Osudoku District of the Greater Accra Region to donate cash and kind items. The items presented included food items such as bags of rice, sugar, and salt, cartons of tomato paste, and gallons of cooking oil. Clothes and footwear, packs of toiletries, toys, stationery, and cash donations were also presented.

The Home Director, Mrs. Myers Naana Sophia, on behalf of the Executive Director, Nana Ama Adu Owusu, officially welcomed the MGA Foundation as she gave a brief history of Potter’s Village and expressed her profound gratitude for visiting the home. The management and the children at Potter’s Village were delighted to receive the MGA Foundation & Partners team.

In her address, the Executive Director of MGA Foundation, Mrs. Justina Quabu, emphasized the theme, “Changing Lives Together,” as a core mandate of every Ghanaian, prompting the need to undertake such an initiative and its impact on children and society. She also recognized the commitment of the management of Potter’s Village. She graciously commended them for the sacrifice of being guardians shaping the lives of these children.

Her message reiterated that children remain constant in every country’s progress, security, and safety. According to her, the consequences for failing to provide the most convenient environment for these children to be nurtured and groomed into responsible, law-abiding adults reflect in increases in social vices, depletion of a nation’s human resource capacity, and the level of threat to safety and security in society.

The Potter’s Village, established by the late Dr. Jane Irina Adu in the year 2000 to support, counsel, and empower women who are abused, currently accommodates 131 children, 11 in universities and 24 in Senior High Schools and Vocational Institutions. The Home provides education, shelter, clothing, counseling, and other support programs to vulnerable people, especially children and women.

The Founder of the MGA Foundation, Mr. Michael Abbiw, and the Executive Director and the team presented the gift items to Mrs. Myers Sophia. The Home Director used the opportunity to thank MGA Foundation & Partners for their immense support and contributions towards the vision and mission of the Village for the last two years. With several projects stalling, she made an earnest call on all organizations and philanthropists not to hesitate to support with building materials in completing these projects, which included building Classrooms and dormitories, storage spaces, and a Centre for Women’s support.

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