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MGA seeks to build a world class organisation that provides reliable and professional marketing and sales service to businesses to fulfill their diverse in a flexible and secure manner

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Why Choose MGA

We are committed to the mission of building a world class organization that provides reliable and professional consultancy services to businesses to fulfill their diverse needs in a flexible and secure manner.


Are you looking for a satisfying job? You need MGA HR Solutions to walk you through. Your number one skilled recruitment agency that would take time to listen to you, give you practical advice and find the right sales job for you..

Our Services


MGA Consulting adopts an experiential-based and student-centered approach in delivering our training services

MGA HR Solutions

We source and hire experienced staff, provide the best training and enable them with the right technology to work to achieve agreed performance indicators.

Marketing Strategy Development

We help organizations grow by providing them with the best skills set and strategic support at management level.

Start with Sales(SWS)

The START WITH SALES (SWS) project is design to create positive social and economic impacts by providing the Youth, Women and Unemployed Men training and employment opportunities they need to thrive.

National Sales Conference

National Sales Conference - 2020 seeks to provide an ideal platform for Sales, Marketing and Business Development Leaders and Professionals to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in sales environment. 

Bespoke Services

MGA provides custom consulting services, based on client needs and priorities, as well as an initial assessment.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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