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In any fiscal year, a group of companies will stand out as top performers in terms of profitability, sales growth, or growth in shareholder value. Others find out that their prominent status dwindle quickly due to several unexpected circumstances. Yet still, other companies manage to rise to the top and stay there year after year, pleasing their customers, shareholders, and stakeholders alike in the process. Many factors come into play when explaining a company’s performance – some external and some internal but one thing that accounts for long-lived success is a cleverly thought-out and well-executed strategy.


Module Content
  • Introduction to Strategy.
  • Strategy and the Quest for Competitive Advantage.
  • Characteristics of a Company’s Strategy.
  • A Company’s Strategy and Its Business Model.
  • The Winning Strategy.
  • The Importance of Planning and Executing Strategy.
  • The Process of Strategy-Making and Strategy Execution.
Module Objectives

At the end of this, participants would be able to:

Understand What an Effective Strategy Entails

Identify the Fundamental Principles of Performance Management. Have In-Depth Knowledge of the Performance Management Cycle.

Effectively Set Goals for Team Members.

Identify Key Performance Metrics for Staff.

Create a Successful Coaching System for Employees.

Acquire Techniques for Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals.

Understand How to Motivate and Reward Team During the Performance Management Process.

Benefits of Programs

2 days of hands-on and tailor-made training

Scenario-based interactive sessions

Customized Training Materials (i.e.) PowerPoint presentation, manuals, sample activity templates, case studies, scenarios, videos, references, etc

Post-Module Assignments and Written Action Plan to take away.

Official MGA Consulting Certificate of Completion

An opportunity to network and build relationships with top professionals from diverse industries

Who is the Program Intended For?

Specially designed for Human Resources Managers, Branch Managers and Heads of Departments.


9:00am-4:00pm (Each Day)

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