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The dominance of services in nations’ economic outputs has significantly increased over the years. The Ghanaian economy is no exception to this trend. This demands that Ghanaian organizations continuously improve service innovations and manage them for excellent customer experience, an enhanced reputation, cutting-edge competitive advantage, and strong brand value

Course Content

This course seeks to bring participants up to speed on continuous improvement strategies and their importance to service organizations. In addition, it will address important trends and current developments in service innovation and management. The module will also enlighten participants on the reasons why service innovation and management have become increasingly crucial for organizational success and economic growth.

Course Objectives

At the end of this, participants would be able to:

Understand The Essence of Service Innovation and Management

Learn Strategies for Developing Innovative Services.

Gain Insights into Managing Service Quality

Know the Types of Service Innovation and Their Applications

Understand The Strategies of Continuous Improvement and Their Application in Service

Innovation and Management

Understand the Relationship Between Public Policy and Service Innovation

Comprehend the Role of Technology in Enhancing Service Delivery

Benefits of Programs

2 days of hands-on and tailor-made training

Scenario-based interactive sessions

Customized Training Materials (i.e.) PowerPoint presentation, manuals, sample activity templates, case studies, scenarios, videos, references, etc

Post-Module Assignments and Written Action Plan to take away.

Official MGA Consulting Certificate of Completion

An opportunity to network and build relationships with top professionals from diverse industries

Who is the Program Intended For?

This program is specially designed for Heads of Units/Departments and Middle-level Managers.


9:00am-4:00pm (Each Day)

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