We offer proven, practical, and targeted training programs to help diverse professionals achieve peak performance. Our training programs are designed such that, it will enable professionals to develop critical skills, strategies, and self- awareness which will positively impact their performance and career progression. The content of our training is updated to suit specific industries and the current happenings in the business environment. Our training facilitators are experienced professionals who have made a mark in every industry they have worked. Our training programs are designed for all management levels personnel and officers.p>


Our Experts have a minimum of 15 years of corporate experience in business management, change management, business strategy development, and training execution. They are dedicated to helping our clients realize their growth goals through the development of robust solutions and plans that yield desired results. They have worked across diverse industries including banking, insurance, non-profit, logistics, and pharma, but regardless of the industry, our systematic approach is predicated on understanding the expected deliverable, being flexible to our customer’s unique situations, and being nimble within the process to support the delivery of our clients’ objectives.


Our Programs

All our programs are developed by high performing professionals who respond to the current needs of the market.

Our Participants

Our participants have always rated us above 90% in all our training programs. They also integrate the skills acquired into their day-to-day lives immediately, resulting in quick and visible progress and behavior change.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are industry-trained and with a minimum of 15 years of professional experience. They are at the top of their game.


We have programs designed for Beginners, Officers, Supervisors, Managers, Executive Management, and Board Members. We also have specialized programs for the whole range of employees involved with the acquisition and retention of business for the organization. Our programs are also well suited for entrepreneurs and business owners within industries like banking, insurance, industrial & manufacturing, pharmaceutical, technology & telecommunications, professional and business services industries.


  • Training Types

    Our training programs are both In-House Tailored Solutions which is cost-effective, high-impact, flexible, an opportunity for team building and convenient, and Public Training Programs which involves fewer interruptions and sharing of experiences with people from diverse companies and industries.
  • Delivery

    We provide both a relevant context for training, as well as an excellent training manual for reference after training. Practical individual and group assignments are conducted at the end of every module of the training program. Scenarios and Case Studies are focused on delivering solutions for the specific organizations represented in the training program.
  • Individual Action Plans

    The participants develop an action plan for immediate implementation or execution of the skills acquired at the end of each training session. Copies of the written plan are given to the immediate supervisor for inspection and monitoring.
  • Follow – Up and Coaching Support

    MGA Consulting provides coaching and follow-up support to monitor performance and provide guidance to enhance and improve productivity and profitability. This service is provided at an additional cost.