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Companies count on their sales and marketing teams not only to sell products but to lay the groundwork that makes it happen. Sales, in general, is also undergoing some pretty radical changes; the buyer is in charge, new ways of transacting business are coming up, and technology is transforming the sales process. As a result, salespeople are trying to find their place in these changing environments to sell effectively to meet their targets and their customers but seem to face challenges along the way. Salespeople need to understand the changing sales environment, and the changing needs of the customer and identify effective selling techniques they can adopt to win sales and customer loyalty.

Course Content

The training seeks to enable sales leader (s) to appreciate the benefits of relationship selling focused on building relationships and interactions between the buyer and the salesperson, rather than the price or details of the product, and effectively use the knowledge to increase sales.

Course Objectives

At the end of this, participants would be able to:

Demonstrate Knowledge of Your Company and Its Products/Services.

Identify Your Customers, Their Behavior, and Their Needs.

Research and Make an Approach to Win a Potential Customer.

Develop Content for Sales Presentation and The Format to Use.

Identify and Handle Objections Before They Happen.

Master the Art of Closing a Sale Successfully.

Build Effective Customer Relationship.

Maintain Relationships After a Sale is Closed.

Benefits of Programs

2 days of hands-on and tailor-made training

Scenario-based interactive sessions

Customized Training Materials (i.e.) PowerPoint presentation, manuals, sample activity templates, case studies, scenarios, videos, references, etc

Post-Module Assignments and Written Action Plan to take away.

Official MGA Consulting Certificate of Completion

An opportunity to network and build relationships with top professionals from diverse industries

Who is the Program Intended For?

Specially designed for Sales Managers, Branch Managers/Unit Heads, and all Middle Level Management.


9:00am-4:00pm (Each Day)

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