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About Start with Sales

It is mostly unfortunate that, most people acquire skills from various training institutions and universities but end up jobless. This is because most people do not chance on vacancies that relate to their area of studies. START WITH SALES (SWS) is a social enterprise, established to address these needs of society by providing opportunities to the youth, women and unemployed men with 60% quota for women.

Why Start With Sales Project (SWS)

The START WITH SALES (SWS) project is design to create positive social and economic impacts by providing the Youth, Women and Unemployed Men training and employment opportunities they need to thrive. (SWS) specifically seeks to providing professional sale training to the Youth, Women and Unemployed Men and recruit them for sales organizations and companies./p>

Who the Project Will Benefit

  • Focused Youth
  • Unemployed Men
  • Women (60% quota)
  • People with basic education (SHS and above)

Project Impact on the Project

  • Provide employment to the unemployed
  • Provide professional sales training to our target audience
  • Improve the economic standard of the Youth
  • Improve productivity in women