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Based on the needs of our clients, we provide the following services to businesses to support them in their operations:

Strategic Plans

MGA Consulting provides professional and independent production of business strategies, implementation, and evaluation of the impact of said strategies based on your organizational objectives. We focus on integrating various departments’ roles and conditioning them to achieve your business’ goals. MGA Consulting’s well-written strategic plans are guaranteed to cause a pivotal change in your business’s growth and success as it tactically enumerates how you and your employees should best respond to opportunities and challenges.

Business Plans

MGA Consulting will provide a detailed roadmap for your organization to map out directions that overcome challenges and adequately order the journey of your business to increase revenue and ensure a yardstick to measure your growth. We provide a detailed SWOT Analysis, Sales Forecast, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balanced Sheet to ensure the smooth running of your business. We ensure your strategy is feasible with current market trends and enable your business to reach out to its target market.

Sales and Marketing Plan

Sales and Marketing Plan is an essential component of every business. It is the heart of any business, serving the vital function of transforming production activities into financial performance, thus ensuring the survival of the business. With our expertise in sales and marketing, we develop simple yet highly effective Sales and Marketing plans for your company to achieve its productive goals.

Business Continuity Plans

Whether you operate a small business or a large corporation, you strive to remain competitive. The incident of COVID – 19 has proven the significance of a Business Continuity Plan. Business Continuity Plans outline procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of unprecedented occurrences, including disasters (whether fire, flood, or cyberattack) that disrupt normal business processes. We support firms in developing Business Continuity Plans tailored to their business operations.

Organizational Manuals

The Organizational Manuals relevant to the day-to-day management of business include Corporate Profiles, Operational Manuals, HR Policy, Employee Handbooks, Conditions of Service, among others. MGA Consulting will develop organizational documents, which should be readily available for guidance, understanding business processes, referencing, and defining the scope of authorities and responsibilities of relevant positions in a company. We ensure that all documents are well structured and substantial to provide uniformity and consistency in the procedures and practices of your business.

Sales Management Audit

MGA Consulting provides a review and comprehensive assessment of your company’s Employee Skills Capacity, Hiring Procedure, Market Conditions, Sales Procedure, Customer Services, and overall Workplace Ambience to determine the areas of friction and challenges that hinder business growth and identify opportunities through the recommendation of a workable Action Plan to improve staff performance and brand identity for sustained business growth. MGA Consulting also undertakes Sales Team Audit, Marketing & Channel Audit, Sales Procedure Audit, Customer Service Review, and Management Report.

Mystery Shopper Services

As a Management Consultancy, MGA Consulting undertakes mystery shopping services to determine the Quality of Service, Compliance with Regulation, Monitor market response to Service Delivery, and to gather Specific Information about products and services of your organization. We review and recommend strategies that will propel the growth of the company.

Other Strategic Documents

MGA Consulting has a team of experts that prepare other strategic documents your organization may need for its smooth business operations including Content Generation for Website Optimization and Business Write-Ups.

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MGA Consulting provides a Research-based Review of either an existing strategic document or helps develop a Comprehensive Company-wide Strategy based on the expectations of management. Using historic data and staff capacities, we develop a roadmap to achieve the goals of your company.

We understand the unique needs of every customer and provide tailor-made solutions to satisfy these needs. We also offer the following additional services:
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Business Development Solutions
  • Custom-Tailored Solutions


Informed by a robust, detailed audit, we seek to engage your team to develop a plan for tackling issues on Business Development, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Branding, Website Optimization, Social Media Presence and so much more. 

We ensure that any obstacle to business growth and full sales and marketing optimization will be brought to the fore to influence informed decisions on your business’ future strategy.