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Our company offers proven, practical, and targeted training programs to help professionals achieve peak performance. Our programs are designed to enable professionals to develop skills, strategies, and self-awareness which will positively impact their performance and improve their career. Our capacity-building programs include a multitude of tools to help business leaders, executives, managers, and officers alike to succeed in any environment and role they find themselves in. 
MGA Consulting has the right support to build and catapult your team into success, whether your company size consists of you alone or you and a few staff or an organization with branches across the country and beyond.


Our Programs

All our programs are developed by high performing practicing professionals who are adept with the current needs of the market.All our training programs are practical in nature and address real-world problems in the workplace.

Our Participants

Our participants have always rated us above 90% in all our training programs. They also integrate the skills acquired into their day to day lives immediately, resulting in quick and visible progress and behavior change within their various organizations.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are industry trained, practicing, and with a minimum of fifteen (15) years of professional experience. They share practical experiences of their successes to enable you and your team to Grow your Business FAST.



We have programs designed for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Executive Management, Senior and Middle-Level Managers, Supervisors, Officers, and Beginners. We have programs designed for customer-facing staff, employees involved with the acquisition and retention of business, operational support staff, and all staff involved in the revenue growth and stabilization of the company.

Our programs are also well suited for entrepreneurs and business owners within industries like banking and finance, insurance, trading, general services, industrial & manufacturing, pharmaceutical, technology & telecommunications, professional services, and business service industries.


Training Structure

Our training structure is cost-effective, highly impactful, flexible, and provides an opportunity for team building. It also allows us to work with real data, events, real-life scenarios, and adjust the level and content of the training to the knowledge and skills of the participants involved.


We provide both a relevant context for training, as well as an excellent training manual for reference. Practical individual and group assignments are conducted at the end of every training module.

Individual Action Plans

The participants develop an action plan for immediate implementation or execution of the skills acquired at the end of each training session. Copies of the written plan are submitted to the immediate supervisor for inspection and monitoring.

Follow – Up and Coaching Support

MGA Consulting provides coaching and follow-up support to monitor performance and provide guidance to enhance productivity and profitability. This service is provided at an additional cost..