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MGA HR Solutions is one of the units within MGA Consulting Company that specializes in recruiting talented individuals to suit the sales and marketing needs of clients. We have over the years developed great competence in recruiting best talents from entry level to executive positions that propel organizations to a higher height.

MGA HR Solutions comprehend the contribution sales persons make to an organization and with this in mind we recruit, train and hire them to organizations. We provide the best training which equips them with the right expertise needed to work in order to meet their target. This translates into value for money for our clients.



Recruiting top talent in sales is a daunting task especially when there is not enough resources allocated to the recruitment department. This affects the outcome of the exercise by not recruiting the best talent at the end of the day. Relieve yourself from the burden of attracting and recruiting the Star sales person into your team and let MGA HR Solutions take that responsibilities on your behalf.

Outsourced Sales Management Support

Whether you are entering a new market or expanding in the one you are currently in; you need it to be easy with regards to getting sales representatives. Building a sales team and market expansion can be a costly venture that requires specific resources that may not be feasible for all businesses to pull off. MGA HR Solutions can help.


We take a different approach to sales outsourcing than traditional programs: we take sales recruitment to the next level by supporting each one of our sales professionals to ensure they are successful in generating revenue for our clients. From pre-sales campaigns to appointment setting to market research and business closure. Our sales support team is there so your sales executive can focus on what they do best, selling.


1. We start by recruiting the right sales professional. Our turnkey sales recruitment process combines role profiling, scouting and candidate background/reference checks at no charge.

2. Shortlisted candidates are vetted and then selected by you.

3. Selected candidates are then hired by MGA HR Solutions.

4. Hired staff start their training at our office or your head office depending on your preference, to learn your products and/or service inside and out. Being trained will equip them with first-hand knowledge of the offering and allow them to understand your processes from an operational standpoint.


We are very particular in how we deliver value to our clients. This has made us adopt this simple but effective models for executing our MGA HR Solution model.

  • Recruitment (R) Process

    1. We start by you the client giving us a basic profile of the type of individual you need or the role you need to fill.
    2. Together, we will determine if you need a hunter in the trenches, a farmer to manage existing accounts or a good mix of both.
    3. Our in-house recruitment team will work with you in defining the role and what’s required in terms of knowledge and experience.
    4. We will then post, scout, hunt, poach, screen and interview potential candidates. We don’t just post ads or mine an existing database. We believe that the best sales people needs to be proactively recruited.
    5. We won’t bombard you with hundreds of resumes or applications, but rather evaluate the best-suited candidates and provide you with our top picks. We extensively interview candidates face-to-face to learn to determine their skills and competence for a proposed sales and marketing role.
  • Training (T) Process

    1. After the extensive interview, candidates who prove to be ready for sales and marketing roles are selected for the training stage.
    2. Candidates are trained by a team of trainers including philanthropies in:
    • Sales
    • Basic Computer Skills
    • Report Writing
    • Typing
    • Receptionist
    • Communication Ethics
    • Work Ethics, among others
         3.  Candidates are finally assessed after the training process to ascertain whether they are ready for the job.
  • Placement (P) Process

    From there, together with our clients, we’ll make an informed selection on who will be your sales star and place them in your organization. 

    Don’t let the recruiting and training process daunt you–contact us today and let us take that load off your shoulders. At MGA HR Solutions, our sales recruiter interviews, train, and assesses over a thousand salespeople each year. So we know who is competent, who is not, who has been placed, and who has not, and we also know when someone’s boss or compensation plan just changed and they’re ready to move!