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In this crisis of Coronavirus (COVID - 19), if the Government of Ghana is to declare an emergency shut down, how is your business ready to cope or survive? This is the question CEO’s and business owners have to consider and critically think of, as the rate of reported cases of COVID – 19 is increasing worldwide, including Ghana. Adrian Zanetti, the Director at PLP group, the brains behind Hey Jude App said, “Companies are understandably concerned about the long-term consequences of COVID-19 on operations.

This extends beyond the financial, to include the human component as well. Our current situation is something nobody could have prepared for and managing the morale of employees will be critical in these uncertain times.”


We live in a world of technology whereby its benefits are not being exploited although its features are being advanced every day to meet business and customers’ satisfaction. Despite cases of the virus infection continuing to rise, leaving people and companies in panic, it’s not too late for your business to thrive through the COVID-19 crisis. A lot of platforms have been created and designed in a way that clients do not necessarily need to meet their customers face to face to make transactions but rather can sit in the comfort of their homes to connect with people. Likewise, these mediums have been devised for business owners and employees’ “work from home” more effective without having to come to the office in this pandemic.


Considering these technologies, below are such of which owners of Ghanaian businesses can adapt to curb the risk Coronavirus is imposing on their companies:


Skype for Business

Skype offers messaging, voice and video calls between people or groups of people. This is a cost effective communication platform to communicate with individuals located within and outside the country. Business owners can use this platform to hold board meetings, interview recruiters, and even train their employee, either new or old without having any physical contact with the individuals involved.


WhatsApp platforms

WhatsApp platforms also gives individual users or groups of people, including business owners and their employees an opportunity to share documents, images, voice notes and make video calls when necessary. Just like Skype, it is cost effective but has become a commonly used platform most Ghanaians use to transact businesses t6y



Emails allows individuals to send and receive documents, and communicate. Via emails, meetings can be scheduled right from messages, can schedule messages to send later, and add templated messages with one click.


Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is another means by which businesses can adapt to work from home as a productivity software for organizations and individuals. All one has to do is to connect it with their content management platform to easily browse, edit and save stored documents directly from Microsoft Office. In so doing, one can access the document anytime per their convenience.  


Hub spot
Hub spot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies especially in sales and marketing to attract visitors and convert them into customers. It offers email marketing and lead nurturing, as well as social media management functionality. Hubspot forms can be used on your website, to automatically pull contact details directly into your Hubspot platform.

Salesforce web-to-lead forms can be easily created right from your website with this handy platform. You can push leads from the website to your sales team for fast follow-ups using this platform without having to meet them to schedule for meetings.


One drive

Get to your files from anywhere, anytime, on any device once your organization is connected to Onedrive and share and work together with anyone you need to work within your workplace. The OneDrive Connector allows individuals to easily access files and documents stored in OneDrive within their intranet or portal solution. Open, comment on, adjust, and save documents within the browser using Office 365 integration. This platform facilitates much more effective collaboration.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Nearly everybody worth your time is on LinkedIn. This platform can be effectively exploited by sales and marketing companies with the help of the platform’s Sales Navigator. It helps you pump your pipeline with new leads and build relationships with prospects. It can help you find the right referrals so you can approach a new contact with confidence. Companies in need of recruiting candidates to occupy a position in their organizations can also use this medium to recruit eligible people without also meeting them; all necessary information about them is made available there.  Through LinkedIn’s native messaging, Sales Navigator also serves as an alternative way (to email and) of reaching out to executives.


Google Drive
Google Drive is another popular web-based sharing platform. With a Google Drive connector, just like Onedrive, users can readily access folders and files to boost productivity and facilitate collaboration with your intranet solution.


To end it all, Kevin Roose, a columnist for Business Day and a writer-at-large for The New York Times Magazine said that “if there is something we can learn from or take advantage of in this crisis, it may be that the virus is forcing us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used; to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems”. Therefore, let’s maximize operations of businesses online in that with or without pandemics our businesses will still grow and be unaffected.


Nevertheless, let’s not forget to follow all guiding rules laid down to avoid the risk of exposure to the virus and stay safe. Remember, without you, there is no business.


Written by: Michael Abbiw (CEO)

MGA Consulting Gh Limited

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Michael Abbiw